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AVP Hospitality’s goal is to improve the return on your parking investment. We're here to meet your specific needs, such as how to most effectively manage and operate the facility while maximizing revenue and minimizing operating expenses.

AVP Hospitality understands that a properly managed parking operation—encompasses everything from revenue control to claims management or improving guest service levels.

Most services are best provided on-site, however many services can be provided efficiently via remote data collection and analysis. In all cases, the goal is increased profitability and exceptional guest service.

AVP Hospitality can quickly and efficiently streamline operations, renegotiate favorable parking contracts, implement revenue control processes, provide market analyses—including surveys of competitive parking rates, analyses of off-site vehicle storage options, and the development of creative ways to utilize the parking facilities to satisfy the parking demands in the vicinity of the property. 

We gather historical financial results of the operations, review and negotiate contracts with third parties, assess guest service levels, manage expenses, and implement budgets. In addition, we implement proper labor forecasting models that delicately balance the minimization of labor expense with the need to be properly staffed to ensure guest service is never compromised.

AVP Hospitality Offers a Full Range of Services Including: 
  • Financial Pro Forma Development and Feasibility Analysis 

  • Parking Management Analysis 

  • Parking Market Rate Analysis 

  • Organizational Analysis 

  • Operational Assessment 

  • Financial Assessment and Auditing 

  • Best Practices Reviews 

  • Self Park System Design 

  • Parking Equipment Specifications 

  • Valet System Design

  • Parking Asset Management

  • Contract Analysis and Management Contract Negotiation Services

  • Strategic Planning for New Properties.

Hotel Parking Operations:

If your guests travel to your property by car, then parking is a function that deserves your attention. It’s that simple. Whether you are an urban, airport, resort or suburban property, parking is an essential part of your service offering. Like any other function within your hotel, it needs to be managed properly. Parking is often your guests’ first and last contact with your hotel. As such, your guests’ parking experience can set the tone of their stay, or change their parting impression of your property. A properly managed parking operation with a focus on guest service can be a profitable component of any hotel’s operation.

We have worked in the hospitality and parking industries for many years and rely heavily on that combined experience and knowledge base to quickly assess the financial potential and operational needs of any parking situation.  AVP Hospitality can help you maximize parking profit while ensuring the highest level of guest service.

Our efforts are designed to achieve two main goals: ensure guests receive the same treatment on the curb and at the front door that they would expect inside the hotel, and improve the profitability of the hotel‘s parking operation. 

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