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The time to save on your lodging expenses is today! 

AVP Hospitality has been in airline consulting business for 20 Years. AVP specializes in the worldwide site selection and placement of hotel accommodations and travel consulting services to the airline industry. The primary focus is to assist international and domestic airlines in procuring lodging accommodations with better contract terms and significant cost savings for their pilots and cabin crews.

In today's business environment, everyone is searching for the most cost effective and professional method to improve the bottom line.By partnering with AVP Hospitality, your airline will realize improved economies, lower internal operating costs, and better-quality accommodations.

Pricing alone doesn't guarantee success, especially since airline crews spend such a large amount of their time away from home; expectations are high for comfort with minimum noise levels, internet access, and local amenities such as proximity to shopping and restaurants factored into the mix.

AVP Hospitality takes these expectations and the specific needs your airline has into account and negotiates the best total package.

The time to save on your lodging expenses is now (Based on current events) to reassess your Airlines accommodations program. AVP Hospitality will provide you with a more cost efficient lodging alternatives, better quality hotels, improved contract conditions and terms, and dramatically improve your entire accommodation program.

Our hotel industry and accommodation market knowledge, along with our tremendous industry relationships and experience have established us as a leading authority for procurement of hotel accommodations.

Reasons to Select AVP Hospitality:
  1. The AVP team has directly operated hotels for over 30 years in top senior executive management positions. We know how hotels operate, what their operating costs are, and what needs are in regard to room rates that they will accept.

  2. AVP negotiates with the highest levels of Hotel Management and Hotel Ownership and has many close relationships that equate to cost savings.

  3. AVP will provide its services to the Airline’s at No Cost

  4. Hotel Market trends - AVP knows how to obtain cost savings and better contract terms.

AVP Hospitality’s – Worldwide Ability

The process of procurement that AVP uses is the same that we would use for Chicago Honolulu, Mexico, London, Athens, Moscow, Bangkok, or any city in the world. 

  1. Review and Analysis current contract terms and pricing; then discuss with your local and corporate teams as to what are your current challenges, in room rates and other cost concerns, what are your expectations for your crews and other travelers.

  2. Review and Analyze the Hotel Market by looking at historical and future market trends, review new hotel supply, review expected new demand generators, and other analysis methods that are typically used in HotelFeasibility Studiesand Hotel Impact AnalysisStudies.

  3. Based on the information that is obtained in the Study Phase, AVP determines a target rate that AVP believes that should pay for hotel rooms within that market.

  4. AVP than creates an RFP for the hotels that AVP and the local offices have determined are good hotels to target and fit the parameters and needs set by the Airlines head office.

  5. AVP than uses many processes and methods to get the final pricing, contract terms, free amenities, food and beverage pricing and discounts, free services, etc. (We can discuss some of these methods more in detail)

  6. It is especially important to work with the local offices throughout the negotiation phase and when the hotel agreement is signed to ensure that the Hotels offer the best possible services. It is our experience that when we stay involved with the day to day concerns, if there are any; we get the hotel to make changes faster and free up the airlines local staff time so that they don’t have to deal with these concerns.

Contract Terms

Normally hotels write their own contract that spells out the terms of their agreement with the Airline. Every hotel uses different language within their contracts; however, in all cases the Hotels interests will always take priority over the Airline’s interests.


AVP writes the contract, which protects THE AIRLINE’s interests first.

  • THE AIRLINE can cancel all rooms or a part of the incoming crew rooms within 24 hours of arrival without having to pay any penalties. This ensures that THE AIRLINE only pays for the rooms that they need because of last minute changes or for any other reason.

  • No fault contract cancellation provisions, with short notice periods.

  • Hotel pays a penalty if a crewmember is not able to be checked into their hotel room within 15 minutes of arrival to the hotel.

  • Free use of hotel internet, room safes, refrigerators, business centers, etc. that other hotel guests must pay for.

  • Crew lounges

  • Food and Beverage – Special menus offered and/or deep discounts off regular menus to help lower per diem costs.

  • Free Local transportation and/or airport transportation can be negotiated.

  • Storage facilities.

  • Dedicated check in/check out counter

  • Added Flights and/or your employee business travelers are offered the same discounted room rates.

  • Special Rates – Distressed Passenger’s

  • Relocating crews to another hotel because of over sold situations or any other reason is prohibited and carry very large penalty costs to the hotel.

Some Examples of Some Favorable Terms:
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